Domain names and trade marks: shield your business!

27 April, 2023
Talks Domain names
Benefits of IP
The latest episode of the Ideas Powered for business Talks provides insights on why companies should register both their domain names and their trade marks.

We are proud to announce the launch of the latest Ideas Powered for business Talk.

This is a joint project with EURid, the registry manager of .eu domain names, and also an Ideas Powered for business network member.

In this episode, EURid experts explain the importance of registering both domain names and trade marks.
Choosing the right domain name for your website is important for building your online presence and brand recognition. In addition, correctly registering and protecting your domain name keeps it safe for both visitors and your company, by checking the WHOIS search database to make sure your domain name is not already registered.

Registering a trade mark can prevent others from taking away your digital address or exploiting your brand, so be sure to use the EUIPO’s eSearch plus tool and identify trade marks that are already in use.

All Ideas Powered for business Talks are available on the EUIPO YouTube channel. We encourage you to share them via your social media channels and reach out to small businesses or start-ups who may find them useful.

Watch the new video here!

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