About us

We help businesses and innovators all over Europe to register and protect their most valuable assets, their ideas.

The Ideas Powered for business website is born out of the need to help European SMEs to access centralised, clear, reliable, and relevant information to support their business journey and promote the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in gaining a competitive advantage.

The website is launched and run by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) based in Alicante, Spain. Since 1994, we manage the registration of the EU trademark and the registered Community design. 




  • We are actively generating awareness about the value of intellectual property, keeping our users’ needs and individual situations in mind. With the lack of time, resources, or access to quality information a challenge to many, we aim to create engaging content, produce simple instructional tools and set up supportive networks. We believe our initiatives can be particularly useful for companies at the start of their journey.
  • The EUIPO is committed to helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) alleviate some of the challenges they face during their different life cycles. We are determined to                                                                       tackle these issues head-on with an ambitious programme to help EU SMEs.


Enter Ideas Powered for business


  • As part of the EUIPO’s SME Programme, and our mission to empower businesses within the EU and beyond, we have created Ideas Powered for business - a website for SMEs that aims to become an online guide orientating start-ups and entrepreneurs in developing their business.
  • With the SME website, we are taking a giant leap forward designing 'state-of-the-art' functionalities such as a visualisation map, a chatbot, a search tool, a training area, useful tools, and a discovery assessment guide.



Building a supportive SME network


  • We also aspire to become the reference point to EU SMEs. We’ll give them a supportive network and simultaneously expand our cooperation with the EU Commission. This will allow us to capitalise on the synergies built in the past and simplify the initiatives offered to SMEs at an EU level.
  • The EUIPO will also take advantage of the partnership set up with National IP Offices (EU IPOs) and User Associations (UAs) under the European Intellectual Property Network. The aim is to increase the impact of the initiatives related to the SMEs at Member State level. We also welcome cooperation with other entities willing to support small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe.