Ideas Powered for business Talks released!

23 May, 2022
Ideas Powered for business talks released!
Benefits of IP
New video series with helpful information on intellectual property.

We just launched our brand new Ideas Powered for business Talks! These series aim to be useful, short and to the point, placing IP in a business context and involving business experts from the EUIPO network.

Are you an EU SME or a start-up interested in protecting your intellectual property rights and securing financial help?

In this first chapter of our new series, experts answer the most frequently asked questions about the SME fund, an initiative of the EUIPO and the European Commission to allow European SMEs to apply for a partial reimbursement of their trade mark, design or patent. Learn about this grant scheme and apply now!

Watch this short video and don't forget to activate the subtitles in your language of choice. Enjoy!