Unlock the potential of Deep Tech and IP for a knowledge boost – Ideas Powered for business Talks wtih EIT and ESN

06 September, 2023
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Benefits of IP
The latest episode of the Ideas Powered for business Talks provides explains how Deep Tech is interlinked with intellectual property (IP).

Welcome to the latest episode of the Ideas Powered for Business Talks, where we explore Deep Tech and its profound connection with intellectual property (IP). In this informative interview our guests Zsuzsanna Bodi, Innovation Officer of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) and Jan Bormans, CEO of the European Startup Network (ESN) shed light on the fascinating world of Deep Tech and how it can impact the future.

Jan Bormans explains that Deep Tech startups take longer to mature and generate revenue, having sometimes to cross the formidable ‘valley of death’, where technical and business challenges intersect. The road to success is tougher, he assures, but with the right support and collaboration within ecosystems, success is possible.

Zsuzsanna Bodi presents the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, aimed at reinforcing the Deep Tech ecosystem, by providing a million EU citizens with Deep Tech skills during the next 3 years. As part of the European Commission's New European Innovation Agenda, this programme seeks to bridge the talent gap by providing deep tech courses and funding to develop dedicated learning materials.

Our experts also emphasise the significance of integrating intellectual property (IP) into the core of Deep Tech companies' business strategies. This includes acknowledging IP as valuable collateral for capital providers and developing IP education courses aimed at company founders that have difficulty understanding the critical nature of IP and brand protection. In addition, in collaborative ecosystems where IP expertise may be lacking, the implementation of codes of good IP conduct could prove to be beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

Watch the short video, produced in collaboration with EIT and ESN and find out all you need to know about Deep Tech business and IP. Make sure you activate the subtitles in your language of choice!

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