Poland and Italy join the IP Register in Blockchain

25 November, 2022
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By joining the EUIPO’s revolutionary blockchain initiative, the two offices open the doors to new and innovative services to their users.

The addition of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and the Italian Patent and Trademark Office to the IP Register in Blockchain brings the total number of participating offices to six. Blockchain technology improves speed while maintaining high quality data transfers. Data integrity and security are taken to another level opening the door to new services that improve connectivity between users and their IP rights and speed up the connection between IP offices.

Since 2021, the IP Register in Blockchain platform has created a fast and secure ‘Data Transfer Service’ between IP offices and the EUIPO’s TMview and DesignView, the two largest databases of trade marks and designs in the world.

The latest addition of Poland on 10 November and Italy on 18 November will vastly increase the number of IP registrations in the register. Poland transferred more than 34 000 records to DesignView whilst Italy brought more than 1 101 000 trade marks to TMview.

This brings the IP register to 3.5 million records for trade marks and 1.6 million records for designs. This increases the IP register to a rough total of 5 100 000 records altogether. Thanks to the continued commitment and dedication of all participating offices, they are shaping and enabling the future of blockchain-powered intellectual property services.

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