IP Stories: 4iP Council’s podcast section provides a number of innovation stories

22 February, 2024
4IP council
Benefits of IP
Learn everything there is to know about the 4iP Council’s podcast.

4iP Council has created a podcast section on its website dedicated to intellectual property (IP) and innovation players, such as research centres, innovators, inventors, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and organisations. The newly launched podcast section is not intended as a mere supplement to the existing content but rather as a vibrant extension that offers a diverse array of stories related to intellectual property from a different perspective. Its outcome is also to bring intellectual property rights closer to the people who can benefit from them.

Some of the topics discussed in the podcasts are related to the importance of the collaborations between academia and industry, in order to create new opportunities for researchers; means to transfer the research results into society; or tackle the misinterpretations regarding intellectual property in the creative and technological sectors, among others.

The EUIPO has also collaborated in this series of podcasts. EUIPO experts participated in an episode in which they explain the EU initiatives that the EUIPO has implemented to provide assistance and guidance to support EU SMEs.

As part of the Ideas Powered for business network, 4iP Council is participating actively to leverage the strengths of the network, combining their expertise to provide valuable insight and resources for businesses navigating the intellectual property landscape. Its aim is to help SMEs understand the importance of intellectual property when designing their business strategy. How? Well, for instance, by collaborating with the EUIPO to explain the concept of intellectual property in this interview with Axel Ferrazini, 4iP Council’s Managing Director; or by participating in the Ideas Powered for business talks, in which the 4iP Council experts explain their initiatives to help SMEs understand the basics of intellectual property and the benefits that intellectual property can bring to SMEs.

Find out more about these intellectual property stories via the podcast section of the 4iP Council website! The podcasts are also available in Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Amazon and Youtube