IP Scan is there for you!

29 August, 2022
IP Scan
Benefits of IP
Would you like to protect your intellectual property (IP) assets but don’t know where to start?

IP Scan is a service offered by national IP offices in the EU. If you’re new to intellectual property, you can work with an IP expert to review your business model, assess your intellectual property rights (including trade marks, designs and patents) and identify the most appropriate IP strategy for your business. You’ll discover what to register as well as where and when.

If your business already owns registered IP, getting expert advice can show you how to integrate an IP strategy into your business plan to exploit new growth opportunities. You can use your existing IP for licensing agreements, partnerships, expanding into foreign markets or financing.

With IP Scan you'll figure out what intangible assets to protect and in what way your IP can help support business growth. IP Scan is not a legal service, it is meant to help guide your business on how to register and capitalise on its IP, now and in the future.

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