Anti-counterfeiting strategy playbook: WTR Special Report out now

24 April, 2023
Anti-counterfeiting strategy playbook: WTR Special Report out now
Benefits of IP
Read the latest Special Report titled “Anti-counterfeiting strategy playbook: How to combat the growing trade in fake goods, online and offline”.

Brand protection professionals have long been tasked with the responsibility of keeping the market clear of counterfeit goods. But with recent reports estimating that counterfeit and pirated products now account for more than 3% of world trade, this has arguably never been more difficult.

The “Anti-counterfeiting strategy playbook” offers insight from brand experts, e-commerce platforms, law enforcement authorities and IP offices, as they come together to reveal the tools, technologies and systems in place to help IP owners combat the growing threat of fake goods, online and offline.

Using WTR Data Hub insight, we provide a rundown of some lesser-knowns domestic digital marketplaces and some of the world’s most notorious shopping districts that should be on every enforcement radar. We also shine a spotlight on the latest trends across popular Asian platforms, before going behind the scenes at Amazon, Mercado Libre, Alibaba, Tokopedia and Lazada to find out what some of the biggest e-commerce platforms are doing to support brands.

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