Domain names, understanding your online presence

Registering a domain name helps to build a good online image. This guide focuses on the best ways to do so easily and cost efficiently whilst highlighting the legal and technical aspects of protecting a domain name, and how to build a well-positioned website with an email address to go with it.
Registering a domain name might seem an unnecessary complication to the trendy alternative of online presence via different social media channels. However, the benefits of being fully in charge of your online identity and branding, and the content and message that are behind your image and credibility, is invaluable.
Who is this Guide for: All businesses that are seeking to protect their domain name and secure their online presence while operating within the European Union.
Time to complete this Guide: 5 minutes
Disclaimer: When you answer all the questions, you will receive a report. Please note that the content of this report provides you with general information and must not be considered as legal or any other professional advice. The EUIPO does not guarantee the completeness or adequacy of the report for your particular situation and accepts no liability as to its content. In case you need legal advice, you should consider contacting an intellectual property expert.