Less than half a day
Target group
Advanced SMEs
Intellectual property (IP) and artificial intelligence (AI) - advanced
IP and AI
Benefits of IP
This webinar is organised by the European IP Heldesk.

This webinar aims at providing a general overview of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and intellectual property (IP). 

The learning objectives of this webinar are to better understand the IP landscape for AI innovation, identify valuable IP and how to protect it internationally:

•    review of latest European Patent Office decisions on protection of AI inventions as computer programs and disclosure requirements;
•    contrast European practice with patent protection in Chinese and US Patent Offices;
•    who are the “inventors” in an AI invention?
•    protection of data and data structures;
•    interaction between requirements of robust, verifiable, and explainable AI, open data requirements, and intellectual property;
•    protection of AI as a trade secret.