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Advanced SMEs
Exploring IP enforcement and e-commerce in Nigeria and South Africa: Africa IP SME Helpdesk webinar series
Africa IP SME Helpdesk webinar series
Benefits of IP
This event is orgnaised by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

As Africa’s largest and most influential economies, Nigeria and South Africa have emerged as key players in the global digital economy. Both have witnessed a surge in e-commerce activities, making them fertile grounds for businesses seeking to harness the potential of the digital marketplace.

However, with this digital transformation comes the need for robust enforcement mechanisms to protect intellectual (IP) rights online. Counterfeiting, piracy and IP infringement have posed challenges in these countries, highlighting the importance of understanding IP enforcement, particularly in the context of e-commerce.

The second webinar of the ‘navigating IP enforcement challenges in Africa’ series will provide an in-depth understanding of the legislative framework that governs e-commerce operations in Nigeria and South Africa. Attendees will learn the complexities of IP law in e-commerce and gain insights into the challenges associated with enforcing IP rights online. IP experts will guide participants through practical tips on dealing with e-commerce infringements and hear practical case studies on real companies operating in those markets.

Language of the event: English with French interpretation available