Less than half a day
Target group
Advanced SMEs
EU - Webinar & Horizon Results Platform: Artificial Intelligence
Benefits IP
Business growth
This EU webinar is offered by the Horizon Results Platform (HRP) and the European IP Helpdesk.

This webinar introduces the main aspects of IP management: notably Introduction to IP as a Business asset, IP and Artificial Intelligence, IP and Software Start Ups and IP and Thinking international - International business Opportunities. Each lecture explores a different aspect of Intellectual Property valorization. The lectures may be of interest to a variety of audiences, from researchers to technology transfer officers.

  • What do we understand by intellectual property in artificial intelligence?
  • What rights are there in data used by machine learning in AI?
  • How is data protected by database rights?
  • How to obtain the rights to use data in creating innovation in AI?
  • Is it possible to patent inventions in AI?
  • What impact will new advice from European and US Patent Offices have on the approach to examining patent applications?
  • Who owns inventions made with data supplied from other sources?
  • How can innovations in artificial intelligence be sold or licensed for use?