Business Plan: the basics and where intellectual property fits in

When developing an idea or project, it is important to consider all the aspects that can influence its creation, including intellectual property rights.
Developing a business plan before starting a company can make the difference between success or failure. It helps reduce contingencies that may arise in the organisation and means that strategies will be in place to deal with any problems that inevitably occur. Including intellectual property in your business plan can have a great influence on your strategic position by boosting the value proposition of your business, attracting investors and supporting your innovations against misuse.
A business plan can be revised over time, as it is a useful tool for decision-making. As such, it should also reflect the development of the situation (of the market, of the company, etc.). A good business plan shows the viability of the company and is crucial to obtaining investors.
Who is this Guide for: All businesses that need to develop a business plan while operating within the European Union.
Time to complete this Guide: 5 minutes
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