ATP- Avanzate Tecnologie Plastiche

‘For more than 50 years, we have been in the plastics processing business, producing polypropylene pipes and fittings and polyethylene drip irrigation systems. We invest heavily in protecting our intellectual property (IP) rights in Europe and abroad since we operate in about 40 countries worldwide. We participated in the SME Fund in 2022 and 2023 and, with the assistance of our industry reference professionals and the support of the vouchers received, we have filed for two new trade marks, in the European Union and beyond. This is a beneficial initiative and an opportunity that all SMEs should seize!’
ATP- Avanzate Tecnologie Plastiche
Giuseppe Filannino, Italy

Identify where IP fits in your business strategy and get support to cover the cost.

Intellectual property (IP) can offer you a range of benefits; protection, competitive advantage, market identity, monetising options and also it is attractive to investors. Funds are available to help you cover part of the costs of trade mark /design registration and IP Scan via the SME Fund.

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