Portugal's IP Registers have been added to the Blockchain

07 August, 2023
IP register blockchain
Benefits of IP
Portugal joins the EUIPO's revolutionary blockchain initiative to offer new and innovative IP services. In addition, Estonia and Italy are the first IP Offices to activate the History service.

The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) on 31 July added over 571,000 trade marks and 58,000 designs to the network.

Portugal, Latvia, Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, and Italy are now leveraging blockchain to create a secure "Data Transfer Service'' between IP offices. The service connects with EUIPO’s TMview and DESIGNview databases, enhancing data integrity and security.

History Powered by Blockchain

The Estonian Patent Office and the Italian Patent and Trademark Office have also become the first to offer the 'History powered by Blockchain' service, allowing users to access IP history records stored on the blockchain's immutable ledger.

The EUIPO, recognised as a leading innovative IP office, is actively working on blockchain-based solutions and expects further European IP offices to join the initiative throughout 2023. A new solution targeting European Logistics Services Authentication is anticipated by the end of the year.

This collaboration signifies a collective move towards a more connected and secure future for IP rights across the EU.

Learn more about the IP Register in Blockchain.

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