Launch of the EUIPO-WIPO IP Management Clinic – Furniture Programme

10 June, 2024
EUIPO WIPO Furniture Program
Benefits of IP
The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) together with European Furniture industries Confederation Union launched the EUIPO-WIPO IP Management Clinic – Furniture programme, on 10 June 2024.

This programme aims to support up to 15 EU SMEs in the furniture industry by providing them with mentorship and training on leveraging their intellectual property (IP) to enhance business growth.

Presentation of the Programme:

The programme will run for four months, bringing together selected SMEs, with a group of six IP and business experts. These experts will provide knowledge, to help the companies develop effective IP strategies and utilise their IP assets for commercial success. The programme began with an introductory meeting held online that provided an opportunity for the representatives of the companies to meet their mentors and the officials from WIPO and EUIPO. All companies are EU-based and develop solutions for the furniture industry.

Main Actors:

The panel of experts and mentors includes prominent IP and business professionals from across the EU.

Mr. Giovanni Casucci, partner at EY Studio Legal Tributario IP Department, Milano, Italy;

Dr. Friedrich Linhart, European, German, and Swiss Patent Attorney, Rolle, Switzerland;

Ms. Albane Lafanechère, IP Attorney, Lyon, France;

Ms. Alissia Shchicka, IP Attorney, Brussels Metropolitan Area;

Ms. Louise Delcroix-Fournier, Legal & Public Affairs IP, E-commerce – Circular Economy, Lisbon, Portugal.

Mr. Frederik Jocqué, Manager at FEDUSTRIA a Belgian non-profit federation of the textile, wood, and furniture industry.

Main Components:

The focus of the opening session was on familiarising the attendees with the main components of the programme (more details here). An event showcasing the programme’s results will be held on 8 October 2024, at the headquarters of the EUIPO, in Alicante, Spain.

WIPO and EUIPO are looking forward to a successful collaboration, benefiting SMEs and fostering innovation within the EU furniture industry.