The Italian Patent and Trade mark Office publishes its latest figures concerning industrial property rights

01 August, 2022
Benefits of IP
The Italian Patent and Trade mark Office (UIBM) publishes its annual report on industrial property.

The Italian Patent and Trade mark Office (UIBM) released its 2021 annual report, which takes stock of the wide range of the Office activities on a series of fields and presents ambitious goals for the coming period. The report covers the following categories: protection, regulation and promotion of industrial property (patents, trade marks, designs), fight against counterfeiting and digitalisation and streamlining (databases).

The report also showcases the National Recovery and Resilience Plan #NextGenerationItalia, approved by the European Commission, which includes the “Reform of the Industrial Property”, and allocates an extraordinary funding of €30 million for the implementation of certain measures. These actions consist of 1. improving the protection system; 2. encouraging the use of industrial property rights (IPR), especially by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); 3. facilitating access to patents and their knowledge; 4. ensuring a more rigorous enforcement; 5. strengthening Italy’s role at the international level.

Read the full report.