IP Stories - 4iP Council’s podcast: the hidden cost of counterfeit goods threatens the global economy

10 July, 2024
IP Stories
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Check out this insightful podcast series on counterfeiting and piracy.

Counterfeit goods are rapidly becoming a major issue with significant threats to economies worldwide. In this episode of IP Stories - 4iP Council’s podcast Harrie Temmink, Head of Service at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), recently highlighted the extensive complications of counterfeiting and piracy.

Temmink stressed that counterfeiting is a form of theft, infringing upon intellectual property (IP) rights protected under the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. According to a 2019 EUIPO study, counterfeit and pirated goods account for  €190 billion, approximately 6 % of total EU imports. This illegal activity not only misleads consumers, but also endangers public health, as fake cosmetics and medicines often fail to meet safety standards. Temmink emphasised the importance of ongoing vigilance and education to protect IP rights and support economic growth.

Despite increasing public awareness, challenges continue to persist. A 2023 EUIPO perception study revealed that while 80 % of EU citizens recognise the harm caused by counterfeiting, a considerable number still consider it acceptable to buy counterfeit products due to their lower cost. This feeling is more prevalent among younger demographics. 

To tackle this growing problem, the EUIPO is actively promoting IP awareness among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), through the creation of supportive initiatives such as the Ideas Powered for Business network and by informative podcasts in cooperation with the 4iP Council, a member of the network. 

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