The Ideas Powered for business website speaks Greek!

14 July, 2023
Greece and Cyprus flags launch.jpg
Benefits of IP
The Ideas Powered for business website is now available in Greek.

The Ideas Powered for business website was created as a one-stop shop for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the EU, offering up-to-date and trusted information in jargon-free language and access to support from various sources and providers.

Today we are delighted to release the Greek version of the website!

Greek speakers across the EU can now navigate the website to connect with organisations that can support them, use our step-by-step guides to kickstart their business, unleash their business potential via innovative training material and specialised tools!

They can also navigate the website for events and news on intellectual property (IP) and innovation, read success stories and get inspired by people like Oly, who protected their IP rights and succeeded in their business journey.

The website uses a novel approach, bringing together all the material put forward by regional and national intellectual property offices and Ideas Powered for business network members. The availability of the website in Greek will better serve our Greek speaking audience and especially the SMEs from Greece and Cyprus.

Find out more on the Ideas Powered for business website in Greek.