Green future: the impact of European Entrepreneurs in clean tech SMEs

06 June, 2024
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Benefits of IP
A new IPfB Talk about catalysing clean tech success in the EU! European Entrepreneurs (CEA-PME) and Kitemill feature on our latest Ideas Powered for business Talks.

In 2024, the European Union stands at the forefront of the global clean tech revolution, with a booming ecosystem of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) dedicated to addressing pressing environmental challenges. Clean tech SMEs play a pivotal role in advancing the EU's ambitious sustainability goals, as outlined in initiatives like the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan.

Watch and follow along to discover exciting new technologies in the EU, and listen to first hand SME experience by Kitemill, on how securing their IP allowed them to accelerate their clean tech innovations and collaborate in their sector with the aim to become the industry standard.

Explore CEA-PME initiatives supporting innovation in this new ‘green frontier’, sign up at their SME2B to receive newsletters on funding opportunities for member associations and learn more on the Innovate... and GoToMarket initiatives.

Watch the video here.

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