Commission publishes the first European Media Industry Outlook

31 May, 2023
Commission publishes first ever European Media Industry Outlook
Benefits of IP
The EU Commission published the first ever European Media Industry Outlook, analysing trends in the audiovisual, video game and news media industries.

The Media Outlook report provides market data and identifies challenges and underlying technological trends common to the media industries. Among other findings, it stresses the structural impact of the ongoing shift in media consumption in favour of digital players. According to the report, growth is mostly driven by segments such as video on demand (VoD), mobile gaming or immersive content.

The report also highlights the relevance of strategic assets such as intellectual property rights (IP) for media companies and how the retention, acquisition and exploitation of these rights can help increase revenues, invest or remain independent. It also stresses that an early yet wise uptake of innovative technologies and techniques (e.g. AI virtual production) is fundamental to adapt, open up new markets and become more competitive. Moreover, audience driven strategies should serve as a basis to build successful business models.

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