Less than half a day
Target group
Advanced SMEs
Technological innovation and economic growth: a policy perspective
IP in Horizon Projects
Benefits of IP
This webinar is organised by 4iP Council.

In the webinar, Karin Hoisl and Leo Schmallenbach will summarise the main findings of their research report on the relationship between technological innovation and economic growth. In particular, they will discuss the role of intellectual property rights (IPR) in fostering innovation and increasing economic welfare. The discussion will also focus on policy instruments that promote investment in research and development (R&D) and the protection of IPR. The discussion will be complemented by a comprehensive analysis, first covering OECD countries and China across different technological domains. In a second step, the analysis will focus on Germany, France and the Netherlands, providing comparative insights against the backdrop of the US and China. In addition, the growing fields of sustainable technologies and artificial intelligence will be discussed, providing a new perspective on the global innovation landscape.