Switzerland (Hybrid)

One day
Target group
Advanced SMEs
IP Finance Dialogue: Expanding Horizons on IP Finance and Valuation
Commercialisation and licensing
Benefits of IP
This event is organised by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets comprise a significant portion of a company's overall value, often far exceeding the worth of physical assets. However, traditional finance has struggled to adapt to this paradigm shift. Unlocking the financial potential of intangible assets involves innovative strategies and a deep understanding of IP valuation, management and commercialization.

WIPO's IP Finance Dialogue aims to bridge this gap, providing a platform where valuation and IP professionals, industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and investors can convene to explore alternative strategies and novel approaches to unlock intangible assets and IP finance.

The IP Finance Dialogue builds on the foundations laid by last year’s High-level Conversation. The event consists of three main components – a stocktaking of WIPO’s Action Plan and outlining the next steps, the presentation of the findings by WIPO’s Expert Consultative Group on Valuation of Intangible Assets, and a range of panel discussions between thought leaders, practitioners and experts sharing different perspectives on intangibles valuation and finance.