Less than half a day
Target group
Advanced SMEs
Intellectual property (IP) and open science (OS)
EBAN Thessaloniki 2023
Benefits of IP
This webinar is organised by the European IP Helpdesk.

This webinar is for early career researchers and explains the basics of intellectual property (IP) and open science (OS).

The aim is to create awareness of and build trust in the application of intellectual property laws to the culture of open science and vice versa.The webinar will show that there is no conflict between intellectual property and open science, but on the other hand, "open" does not mean "no intellectual property issues" nor "free for commercial use".The concept of "openness" in its various forms and how the IP system fits with the nature of OS will be explored.

Examples are given of how the sharing of intellectual property, data and publications can be as open as possible, but also closed when necessary.