Online Webinar

Less than half a day
Target group
i3-MARKET Forum
Webinar during EU Industry Week 2022: Intellectual Property for the green tech and digital economy sectors
Business growth
In this forum, the i3-MARKET partners will first discuss how they understand the opportunities, challenges and barriers that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face when attempting to exploit European data markets for their businesses.

Digital transformation has arrived and currently seems to be happening too fast for societies to truly harness the powers of the transformation.  As data is currently seen as the new oil, marketplaces that bring value to data assets  have become more popular, while data economy models are being developed. Digital transformation is an opportunity for new ideas, disruptive models and only SMEs and entrepreneurs have the speed and agility to adopt and adapt to new business models, especially in relation to large industries.

In order for companies to achieve this, it is important that they can access relevant, useable and useful data. i3-MARKET is therefore developing a technical solution – the i3-MARKET Backplane – to improve access to data for companies, powering digital transformation and the growth of Europe’s data economy.