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Metaverse and NFTs
Jun 14, 2022
The present article from 4iP Council highlights some of the opportunities the metaverse can provide, as well as some challenges that it may also face. In particular this article focuses on IPRs and their impact on the development of the metaverse.

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Jakob Sadar founder and CEO of OPS Technologies
Jul 11, 2022
Jakob Sadar (20), founder and CEO of OPS Technologies, first came up with his innovative idea after scratching his father’s watch and having to find an immediate solution to solve this problem. He started rubbing the scratch with his fingernail and it had a positive effect. After reflecting on this idea for a few years, he finally managed to develop his idea for an eco-friendly micro-powder polishing paste during the Company Programme of the EIT

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Jun 27, 2022
The link between block chain technology and intellectual property protection rights.


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The importance of intellectual property for your business in Greece
This online event is organised by the EUIPO in collaboration with the Hellenic Industrial Porperty Organisation (OBI).
Bilbao, Spain
Women Leadership & Entrepreneurship
The EIT community is proud to be home to a thriving community of women innovators, entrepreneurs and students forging a more inclusive and diverse network of innovation for Europe and beyond.
EUIPO participates in the Amazon Brand Conference 2022
The 2022 annual Amazon EU virtual conference will also address the topic of intellectual property rights and how to secure them.
IP and artificial intelligence
This EU webinar is offered by the European IP Helpdesk.
Athens, Greece
Digital production and artificial intelligence for sustainability
Demystifying artificial intelligence to harness innovation for humans is at the core of Europe’s digital transition! Meet innovations, entrepreneurs and ventures driving the future of artificial intelligence!
Online, Brussels, Belgiuim
EIT Summit
EIT Summit – you don’t want to miss this full-fledged event where EIT’s main pillars and ecosystem will be on display.
Horizon IP Scan
This EU webinar is offered by the European IP Helpdesk.
The importance of intellectual property for your business in Lithuania
This online event is organised by the EUIPO in collaboration with the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (VPB).
IP commercialisation and licensing
This EU webinar is offered by the European IP Helpdesk.
The new copyright directive
This EU webinar is offered by the European IP Helpdesk.
Europe’s SMEs for People, Planet and Prosperity
This event explores the challenges and opportunities for SMEs with sustainable business models and recognises outstanding examples.
Consortium Agreements
This EU webinar is offered by the European IP Helpdesk.
September 27, 2022Protecting your ideas
The EU Commission publishes the European Innovation Scoreboard 2022
According to the European Innovation Scoreboard 2022, EU's innovation performance has grown by about 10% since 2015.
September 23, 2022Benefits of IP
4iP Council and the EUIPO: helping people gain a better understanding of intellectual property
An enlightening interview with Axel Ferrazini, 4iP Council’s Managing Director.
September 19, 2022Entrepreneurship
DesignEuropa Challenge 2022: participate now!
Participate in the DesignEuropa Challenge and win an all expenses trip to Alicante!
September 16, 2022Protecting your ideas
Design Europa Talks comes to Alicante on 20 October 2022
The EUIPO will host the first DesignEuropa Talks on 20 October 2022 at its headquarters in Alicante, Spain.
September 14, 2022Protecting your ideas
Europe's plan to thrive in the metaverse I Blog of Commissioner Thierry Breton
“We will continue looking at new digital opportunities and trends, such as the metaverse”, writes EU Commisssioner Thierry Breton.
September 12, 2022Protecting your ideas
Extension of time limits – Ukraine
A new extension has been granted for all parties in proceedings before the Office having their residence or registered office in Ukraine.
August 29, 2022Benefits of IP
IP Scan is there for you!
Would you like to protect your intellectual property (IP) assets but don’t know where to start?
August 25, 2022Business growth
The EU Commission publishes the Digital Economy and Society Index 2022
According to the Digital Economy and Society Index 2022, there is an overall progress but digital skills, SMEs and 5G networks lag behind.
August 22, 2022Entrepreneurship
URBAN TECH: shaping a healthier, smarter and greener urban environment of the future
The H2020 INNOSUP-funded project URBAN TECH helps SMEs to develop new industrial value chains in emerging Health Tech, Smart City and Green Tech sectors.
August 05, 2022Benefits of IP
The SME Fund reaches a milestone of 15 000 applications
The initiative grants financial aid for Intellectual Property (IP) matters and has provided support to SMEs across 27 EU countries.
August 01, 2022Benefits of IP
The Italian Patent and Trade mark Office publishes its latest figures concerning industrial property rights
The Italian Patent and Trade mark Office (UIBM) publishes its annual report on industrial property.
July 18, 2022Entrepreneurship
Just starting a business? Top tips to be resilient - Ideas Powered for business talks
The latest episode of the Ideas Powered for business talks provides tips for businesses that want to be resilient.
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